For Sale Restored Vintage Buffet. A beautiful piece of furniture for any home.

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Foremost Furnishings Restoration and Repairs

Revival Attic is one of the leaders in the furniture repair and restoration in the local area. We have mastered the art of dedicated craftsmanship and unparalleled quality in furnishings and wood repair. No matter how much of your office or home furniture needs restoration, no service is too big or too small for our dedicated team. You can contact us through our booking form for a quote or to book.

Our Repair Services

We offer both furniture and some upholstery repair services. We work on most materials including wood, metal and some fabrics. Should you need repairs or refurbishing, we will be there to help your furniture look the very best from any angle. We care and repair your furnishings and ensure they get the treatment required. We also provide a host of other services that will keep your furnishings looking elegant, including removing burn marks, repairing wood surfaces, and polishing.

Chalk Paint and Design

It would be quite expensive to buy new furniture and replace whenever your current furnishings start to show some wear and tear, especially if you can’t find a current design that speaks to you. Many people prefer, instead, to continue to rely on their existing furniture – which is why we have assembled a top-notch team to restore the beauty of your old and damaged stained and painted furniture. Keeping your home looking good at a minimal cost, adding new life to loved furnishings. what else would you need?


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